Rassvet (PACCBET)

Rassvet firmly rejects the Russian war against Ukraine: “As Rassvet is a brand that originated in Russia, it is important for us to express our opinion on the current situation and make it clear that the entire Rassvet team condemns the actions of the Russian government against Ukraine. Skateboarding is a passion that has brought people from all over the world closer together. From the very beginning, our aim was to represent the new youth of Russia, a rassvet (departure) into a better future. The most important thing that keeps our brand alive is that we truly believe in international friendship – whether in Ukraine, Russia, France, the USA or anywhere else in the world, our whole team stands together against this war.”

Rassvet (PACCBET) is a community of like-minded Muscovites who want to bring a new energy to the fashion, art, skateboarding and music scenes in their city and around the world. This new generation of creatives works closely together to cultivate various projects with the aim of bringing their vision of a modern, young & cosmopolitan Russia to the world. The word Rassvet, which means “sunrise”, illustrates this community’s shared desire for a new dawn in Russian youth culture. Founded in 2016, Rassvet is a brand that has found its way into the skateboarding industry. As the name suggests, the brand is dedicated to representing and exploring the style and language of a new generation of young Russian rebels by appropriating and reimagining skatewear classics.