Pass Port

Do you come from a land down under? If you don’t know this phrase, you’ve probably been living in a hole your whole life. Not the topic, sorry. Passport Skateboards. Founded by Trent Evans in 2009 to fill the gap in the Australian skateboarding scene with a decent Australian brand, by skateboarders for skateboarders. Off to 2020, Passport Skateboards is the Australian skateboard brand. Why is that the case? Well, their team consists of pros like Jack O’Grady, Josh Pall, Callum Paul and Mattlok Bennett-Jones. Their video output, including the full-length KITSCH, is next level. Just like their skateboard and clothing collections, which are published three times a year. Bucket hats, work shirts, logo & graphic T-shirts, hoodies, everything that makes a skateboarder’s heart beat faster.